Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reverse Hybrid Scrapbooking Layouts -

Posted by FairyMouseMom (Egle):

A Cherry On Top's Digital Creative Team took a new twist for our reveal this week:  Reverse Hybrid!

Cassandra (Mommybruno)  defined "reverse hybrid" as " taking something - like a swatch of fabric, a clothing tag, etc. - and putting it on a digital page."  You can do this by taking a digital photo of the object, or scanning it and adding that to your digital layout.  We have all heard of hybrid scrapbooking, which is usually done using digital items, printing them out, and using them on the traditional paper layout.  

 We are taking it a step in the opposite direction for you this week.

Grow Cucumber Grow by Egle (FairyMouseMom)

Egle writes:  "I scanned my seed packets...and "cut out" the cucumber one...and added it to this layout. Since I wasn't going to actually add the real package to my layout, I added it this way. I am able to see what kind of cucumber I am growing this year, the brand and cost of it as well."

Rocket Dog by Laura (Art_Teacher)

Laura writes:  "For this 'reverse hybrid' layout, I incorporated the Rocket Dog logo from a pair of shoes I bought. I scanned and cropped it. It reminded me of Paisley. The color of it inspired my secondary color scheme, too."

Best Cake Ever by Cassandra (Mommybruno)

Cassandra writes:  "This is for the Digi CT Reverse Hybrid Reveal. The real-life item that I incorporated in this layout is part of an Entenmann's cake box - I'd cut off the flap and scanned it. The nice thing about doing that digitally is that you don't have to worry about making these real-life bits of paper and cardboard archivally safe."

Sour and Sweet by Ronny (Smiley-Scrap8)

Ronny wrote:  "This week's reveal is reverse hybrid, scanning in patterns or elements from objects around the house. I scanned 3 different parts of my dd's dress to make this page. The white and yellow paper are the main fabric in the dress, the plaid pieces are scanned from the trim on the bottom of the dress and the citrus element is the embroidered design on the dress. This is a great way to get just what you are looking for when you don' t have the right kit."

Scrap Cat by Jennifer (sarahwhithers)

"For the Digi CT Reveal this week, we're doing hybrid - in reverse! For my page I scanned in a couple of Prima embellies I have, the large flower and the cascading pearls - and than added it to my page, digitally!" wrote Jennifer.

Oh Tom8o (Oh Tomato) by Egle (FairyMouseMom)


Egle says, "So, for this layout, I scanned some popsicle sticks...and "cut out" one of them...and added it to this layout. Since I wasn't going to actually add the real sticks to my layout, I added it this way. Instead of also adding a copy of the seed packet on this one, I just added that information in journaling on top of the popsicle sticks! I chose to use this item as that is what I used as my seed markers."

Paisley Here, Paisley There by Laura (Art_Teacher)

"For this "reverse hybrid" layout, I scanned the front of a flip notepad that I had with paisley patterns on it, and I also scanned the open notepad as a place to journal. I used the front pattern to create my own patterned paper, and then I extracted the inside and used it to journal," wrote Laura.

Damn Good Nurse by Cassandra (Mommybruno)

Cassandra wrote:  "The real-life items I incorporated on this page are the newspaper article on the left, and DH's work ID. The article was scanned, and I took a photo of the ID.  This layout was a way for me to express my feelings about DH losing his job, and about him not being appreciated by Hospice for all the hard work he did. I used the newspaper journaling spot because I've been dying to use one and thought it worked with the other newspaper article being included."

Recipe:  Tzatziki by Egle (FairyMouseMom)
"For this layout, I scanned my yogurt lid...and "cut out" the verbiage (plain nonfat yogurt)...and added it to this layout, after I recolored it. Since I wasn't going to actually add the real lid portion to my layout, I added it this way. I am able to see what type of yogurt I used to make this recipe just last week," wrote Egle.

Wizard of Oz by Laura (Art_Teacher)

Laura writes, "For my double-page layout I used the packaging from a set of Wizard of Oz Pez dispensers. I scanned it and then blended it into my background. I also extracted the logo from the box. It was the perfect way to get specific embellishments for my layout!"

Spring Style by Cassandra (Mommybruno)

Cassandra says, "The real-life item I used was my boy-cut undies, which is standing in as flower PP on this LO. I've been wanting to use that pattern somewhere, since I can't actually wear the darn things (I think there must be a weight cut-off to comfortably wear boy-cut undies). They worked well on this springy LO, and I tried to match some of the other colors on the page to it."

We hope you may have been given some inspiration from our layouts to try out your own "reverse hybrid" layouts.  Show us what you can do "in reverse."  Make sure you enter your layouts to A Cherry On Top's Gallery for all to see.
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