Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting The Most Out Of Your Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Posted by nun69 (Angie):

Angie recently retired from the US Navy after serving for 20 years.  She has been digital scrapbooking since 2006 and a member of our ACOT family since 2000.  Angie enjoys the versatility of digital scrapbooking and hopes to own her own photography business soon.


Have you ever wondered how different people see different kits? Well, this week the digi CT took 3 kits and highlighted them in more than 3 ways. So if you think a kit is too girlish or too boyish or too themed, you may want to think out of the box before you count it out~

Look at the kits we highlighted and how many different ways we used them....1st up is this Grins and Giggles kit by Bella Gypsy:

by Ronny:


we also highlighted this FAB 'Elegance' kit by MC Designs~

by Brittney:

And last but not least, the 3rd kit by Laura Burger and Marci Reckiner - Cloud Surfing Bundle Pack:
by Janell:

by Angie:

by Sandra {our digi gust CT}:


Be sure to check out the '1, 2, 3 What Do You See' article on ACOT's Resources Page to view all of the layouts our Creative Team designed using all three digital kits!  Great job, team!
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