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Paper Crafting With The Seaside Collection By Doodlebug Designs

Posted by FurBaby_Mom (Amy):

This line was made for me!!!  Okay, anything Doodlebug was made for me, but this line in particular.  The great thing about Doodlebug is that it appeals to the cutesy and the non-cutesy folks (I fall into the first category!) so it's really versatile.  I've also become a frugal scrapper and my goal with these projects was to use ONE sheet of stickers and ONE sheet of print paper.

I have this theory about stickers; it's not necessarily right, but here goes - I've always thought that stickers should be grounded.  By that I mean that they shouldn't be floating around the page (some might call this obsessive - I like to say "organized"!)   I very often put my stickers (especially small ones) in boxes and frames...on the actual letters in the title...across the bottom of the page.  

I think it makes for a clean look - and that's hard to do when you're using small stickers.  Which brings me to my next theory...small stickers can actually be a lot of fun.  If you're like most scrapbookers, you hoard stickers.  I can't resist the small ones, but then you're left with the problem of HOW to use them.  Again, boxes and frames are cute...they can jazz up titles.  And they make excellent card embellishments.  

See below for some ideas:

I made the first page, "Beach Boy", with the intention of using the small stickers.  I wanted to create a scene at the bottom of my page...like the bottom of the ocean...but I didn't want floating stickers.  Even though floating stickers would've been appropriate for a sea theme, they still need some kind of context.  

I made cardstock sand across the bottom and added my stickers to the letters - as though the letters sank and the sealife became a part of them.  I also like black and white photos for close-ups because I think that it brings out features and you don't get distracted by the color.

My second layout (still using the same sheet of stickers) has an aquarium, BUT I wanted to show that you can use any theme of stickers and create a very general layout.  I could've had any picture of my boys because I chose a "friend" theme.  

It just so  happens that I had this photo and liked the colors.  But go ahead and buy stickers just because you like them!  Think of a general theme and go with it.  Again, see how I grounded the small stickers - I didn't want floating penguins (and since they don't fly either), so they're stuck in a cute frame.  

I also grounded my title with blocks - it helps focus your eye on my title and doesn't look like flying letters.  *There's nothing wrong with a floating title. I do it all the time.  It's just a technique you may want to try:

I used the same sticker sheet to make a shaker card.  I used foam tape, tiny beads (for my shaker stuff inside) and shrinky dink paper (you can really use any clear film).  I can do a shaker card demo if people aren't sure how to make this.  Once you start, you'll be addicted and it gives you license to buy all of that cute glitter and shaped confetti!

My final project (and keep in mind that I'm still using the same sticker sheet) is a cutesy altered tin.  Mine reads "Sealed with a kiss" and it's a sealion on the cover...filled with magnets.  I made the magnets using clear flat backed marbles, epoxy glue, and the sheet of paper from Doodlebug. 

The small animals on the paper are perfect sizes for the magnets (it's less than an inch...so remember that when you're looking for a circle punch).

They fit neatly in the tin and make a really cute, inexpensive gift!

Hope this gives you some ideas....it's cute (hopefully) but not too cutesy.  And it's economical smiley

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