Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creating With Amy Teets Designs

Posted by Smiley-Scrap8 (Ronny):

This week the Digi CT is very excited to present our designs using the fantastic kits by Amy Teets. 

Amy's designs are like no other, they are so soft and unique. They are perfect for all events, the team shows of family events, the kids and even travel. 

And lets not forget hybrid projects; Amy designs lend themselves perfectly to hybrid scrapping. So sit back and enjoy the show.

First the layouts:

Tranquil by Laura (Art_Teacher)
"One of the things I like best about Amy's designs is their stunning simplicity, which allows the photos to take center stage. You can always find just the right elements in her kits."

Joy is easy with you! by Janell
"I love this Tranquil kit by Amy Teets. The color combination is perfect for black and white photos."

Sam's 1st Birthday by Angie (nun69)
Angie really puts Amy's wonderful elements to good use with her amazing clustering.

Tranquil by Ronny (Smiley-Scrap8)
"Amy Teets designs are a pleasure to work with. I love the soft, unique look of her paper and elements"

The Hills are Alive! by Laura (Art_Teacher)
"I love the subtleness of Amy's patterned papers that allows you to mix and match kits with ease. Also, she has several cluster frames and shadowboxes that help you put together layouts with multiple photos quickly."

Relax by Janell
"Amy's Postcard and Emphera kit is full of chic vintage elements that are so modern and trendy right now, it's fun to mix the old with the new, the colors in this kit are so versatile and lovely. "

Sam 1995 in Review by Angie (nun69)
Don't you just love the way Angie used these kits to showcase early years in her daughter's life. It is so clever how she used the elements to separate her photos in the grid on the 2nd page.

Free Spirits by Ronny (Smiley-Scrap8)
"I just love this patterned paper and the soft fabric elements in these kits. They really help show off my two girls getting to know each other."

Take time to laugh by Janell
"Amy Teets' kit "postcard and emphera" just shouts out to be used for clustering, lots of tid bits and odd and ends in her embellishments, they go great together in cluster." 

Now let me show you how beautiful Amy's kits look printed for hybrid:
Con-GRAD-ulations Card by Ronny (Smiley-Scrap8)

Valentine's Cards by Laura (Art_Teacher)


Here are some of the kits featured in the projects above:

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