Friday, July 8, 2011

Paper Crafting Inspired By Pooh®!

Posted by FurBaby_Mom (Amy):

Winnie the Pooh® is probably my favorite Disney® character of all time.  I mean, who doesn't love Pooh?!   I have hoarded Pooh stickers for years...I won't say HOW many, but let's just say that in my early days, Pooh was being traded for Garbage Pail Kids and Hello Kitty stickers!

ACOT sells several different types of Winnie the Pooh stickers - mainly EK Success and Sandylion.  Both are awesome and I used both for the projects below.  

Keep in mind how versatile Pooh can be - use a sweet quote and he's sympathy; use pink or blue and he's baby; he can be a love card, a thoughtful scrapbook page, or a child's theme album.   These are just a few ideas.

When it comes to scrapbook pages, don't assume that Pooh can only be used with whimsical children's pages.  I actually think that Basic Grey is perfect for a more classic, shabby look.  I'm not a huge fan of shabby chic, but THIS I can do.  

Let me show you a couple of pages, but I'm first going to offer an idea:  If "cutesy" is too much for you - maybe you aren't doing a juvenile page - consider choosing darker papers - distressed, aged, browns and tans.  It'll tone down your cute level a bit.  

Look at the following pages and think about how different they would be with louder, bolder paper.  In fact, sometimes when I want to convey a more serious tone (still using my cutesy stickers), I'll opt for papers like Basic Grey.  Loud papers can sometimes change the whole message of your page and even be distracting.  That's my two cents - it's not right or wrong!

My first page uses the EK Success Pooh stickers.  Like I mentioned above, I used Basic Grey paper to tone it down a bit.  I want the pictures to be the focus.  As a side note, I've seen most Pooh stickers- but never these!  They are super cute, and there are a ton on each sheet.


Then there's this page of Elijah.  This one is a more serious theme and I tried several different backgrounds (even within the Basic Grey line- turquoise, red, blue)   If this picture weren't already aged, I'd sand the edges and possibly ink them to make it match the paper.  

This notebook paper Basic Grey sheet is perfect for journaling - I don't normally use my own writing (I know, I should!) but on this one, I wanted to make it like a letter to Elijah.


Here are a couple older pages I've made using Sandylion stickers (see how the mood changes with a primary background?):


Another using Basic Grey paper:


One thing I really like about Sandylion's stickers is that they're heavy.  You can put them over printed paper and the background won't show through.  We scrapbookers can be so picky!

Here are a couple other ideas for gifts, using Pooh stickers.  They both are so easy.  The first is a jar, and I used fact, I stand corrected.  My six year old did it!  That's how easy it was.  I was never a big fan of rub-ons until I started using them on items intended as gifts (like jars!)  Think of the possibilities - jelly jars, baby food jars, applesauce jars...


Then there are candy bar wrappers.  It's a quick way to jazz up a candy bar and make a quick gift.  I thought that Piglet was cute and would be fun to give to someone who just had a baby.  They would even make cute party favors.  I used Tigger (he's a diecut from the EK Success die for!) and Piglet (from Sandylion stickers).


Hope these give you a few new ideas using an old favorite.  And, if I might add, it's a good time for Pooh because a feature movie will be released in a few weeks!!!

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