Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Sew Easy Part 2! Paper Crafting With The SewEasy Stitch Piercer

 Posted by happayscrappay (Rachel):

I'm back today to bring you Part 2 of my two part reveal using the Sew Easy Tool from We R Memory Keepers.  In today's reveal, I'll show you some more advanced ways of using the Sew Easy tool.  

If you are ready to go beyond just stitching on your page into something a little more creatively challenging, then give these techniques a try!

First up, I'd like to show you "Mother's Day".  This layout uses multiple stitch heads, curved stitch design, fill-in color by masking, multiple colors of floss, added embellishments, and layers of stitching. 

There is a stitched border around this page that was made using the straight stitch head that comes with the Sew Easy tool.  The border was stitched using My Mind's Eye Twine.  The more detailed stitching takes place in the upper right corner as seen in the image below:

To create this look, I used the banner stitch head to make a slightly curved stitch pattern across the corner of the page.  I did not want it to go from corner to corner because I planned on joining it with the straight stitch border.  Like before, when I used the misting in Part 1, I created a mask using a scrap piece of paper and then cut the paper away between the puncture points for the two banner shapes.  

I used my mask to ink in the spaces where the individual pennants would be for the banner design.  I then wrote my letters onto the pennants.  I stitched around the pennants with embroidery floss that matched the embellishments on my page.  I then tore away the paper above the banner and added some detail stitching.  

Notice that the twine coming off the top wooden clothespin is sewn under the "l" pennant of the banner.  I lifted the darker floss and sewed the twine under it in two spots to give the banner added dimension.  I left the twine hanging loose on the page much like a rope holding up a banner would.

Secondly, I'd like to share with you "Camped Out", which has a photo matted with stitches and then framed:

At first glance, creating a frame around a photo may not seem all that complicated, however, the smocking piercer is not square (the holes are further apart in width than in height) and maintaining a straight line can be challenging.  To create the proper dimensions for the frame, I placed my photo in the center of a piece of plain colored patterned paper.  

I held my ruler over the picture and ran the Sew Easy tool along side the ruler on each side.  Before starting a new side, I lined up the holes on the piercing tool to match as closely as possible with where the holes were from the previous side.  The holes will not line up perfectly but create an interesting pattern at the corners if you follow the stitch pattern correctly.

  • Do not throw out the card that comes with the packaging for the stitch heads.  The contain valuable advice for the order that you should sew your stitches.  I did notice that there is incorrect information on the smocking packaging, but it is good enough to get you started.  
  • If your pierced holes show up where you didn't exactly intend for them to, turn the paper over and gently push it back into place from the back side.  The holes will barely be visible from the front of the page.  In some cases, the may be obscured by the floss used to stitch!

Finally, I'd like to share with you a card that uses circular stitching and multiple stitch heads:

The Sew Easy stitch heads are easiest to use in straight lines, but it is possible to create circular shapes with a little practice.  To create the effect of the orange stitches made with the scalloped piercing head on the card above, I used my circle cutter as a guide the same way that I have used my ruler in the past.  

If you do not have a circle cutter, you can use any raised circular guide such as a coaster or a plate.  I don't know how well this would work with something like a cup.  I also recommend trying this out on scrap paper first.  It took me three tries before I had the size circle I wanted and the right way to position my arms to get around the circle without having to switch hands.  

It took a little bit of acrobatics to get my idea to work but as you can see, it is possible.  And, if you accidently get off track, remember the tip above - flip the paper over and push the puncture points back through. 

The above card also uses the lazy daisy piercing head to create the center of the flower. I only used one repeat of the design and lined up the piercing points with the petals on the flower.  The stitch instructions on the back of the package recommend using a French knot in the center of the lazy daisy, I used a button and bling instead. 

Tip: Although I did not need to do this on the card above, you can also conceal stitches that don't match up perfectly with embellishments. 

I do have many more ideas for using the Sew Easy tools with my future pages.  I'm sad to say that I just ran out of time to create more pages showcasing my ideas for you with this reveal article.  I hope these ideas will keep you busy for awhile with your Sew Easy Tool.  

Many thanks to A Cherry On Top for supporting the creation of these projects and good luck to you on your next Sew Easy project!

Sew Easy items used in this reveal:

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