Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scrapbooking With Thickers By American Crafts

Posted by 4peasinourpod (Pam):

There are few things in the scrapbooking world that are necessities.

One thing, though, that almost EVERYONE will admit to having an addiction to is American Craft Thickers.

I stalk them.  I wait for new fonts, new colors.  I beg for them in NAVY BLUE.  I got a *little* of my dream...but will work on it again in July :)

Thickers are amazing.  They add dimension and color - that GO TO detail when you need something to ...GO to :)

Here are my Thickers layouts....

Navy Blue.....I begged for it.  Ask Sus, Jules, Janet, Juliana and Jess.  They were walking away, as I begged.  I want them glitterless, next time.  (Beware Janet) - but these are a compromise.  It is all about the compromise.  (Until July)....


There are times when glitter is good.

It makes an impact.



This is my friend Sallies dog that we watched for 2 weeks prior to a tragedy in their family.  I smile when I see it.

Lastly is a simple layout about Kendall and her first day of school.  She will journal later.

Thickers are a STAPLE.  The new fonts, the glitter, and the polka dots make them a necessity in scrapbooking!

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