Friday, May 6, 2011

Join Us For Our National Scrapbook Day 'Weekend' Online Crop!

Join us for fun, games, challenges, classes and prizes, all weekend long!
May 6 • May 7 • May 8

The weekend will be full of challenges, fast scraps, BINGO, classes and games. There will be plenty of action, both for the paper ladies and for the digital crowd. 
Make sure you clear your calendar and check back here as we update this article with information as it becomes available. We will add classes, challenge and fast scrap times, as well as links to BINGO games. Can't wait to see you there!

While our Creative Team ladies and crop hostesses have been getting our online crop, we've been getting ready for our BIG NSD Weekend Sale. Save 20% on thousands of products this weekend. 

Crop Schedule 
-- FRIDAY, APRIL 30 -- 
3:00p - Fast Scrap 1 
4:00p - Challenge 1 
6:00p Challenge 2 
8:00 Fast Scrap 2 
9:00p - Challenge 3 
11:00p - Fast Scrap 3 
-- SATURDAY, MAY 1 -- 
12:00a - Challenge 4 
1:00a - Fast Scrap 4 
3:00a - Challenge 5 
4:00a - Fast Scrap 5 
6:00a - Challenge 6 
8:00a - Fast Scrap 6 
9:00a - Challenge 7 
9:00a == CLASS w/Chrissy 
10:00a - Fast Scrap 7 
11:00a == CLASS w/Angie 
12:00p - Challenge 8 
2:00p - Challenge 9 
3:00p - Fast Scrap 8 
5:00p - Challenge 10 
6:00p - Fast Scrap 9 
8:00p - Fast Scrap 10 
9:00p - Challenge 11 
11:00p - Challenge 12 
-- SUNDAY, MAY 2 -- 
12:00a - Fast Scrap 11 
1:00a - Challenge 13 
2:00a - Fast Scrap 12 
4:00a - Challenge 14 
6:00a - Fast Scrap 13 
7:00a - Challenge 15 
8:00a == Bingo w/Jenn K 
9:00a - Challenge 16 
10:00a - Fast Scrap 14 
12:00p - Challenge 17 
12:00p == Bingo with Kristianne 
2:00p - Fast Scrap 15 
3:00p - Challenge 18 
4:00p - Fast Scrap 16 
6:00p - Challenge 19 
7:00p - Challenge 20 
8:00p --THE END--

Online Crop FAQ

What is an Online Crop? An online crop is a huge event hosted by our Creative Team members incorporating scrapbooking, classes, games, challenges, classes, PRIZES, chatting with other members and all around FUN!  For more information read this article.
When is ACOT's Online Crop?
Our crop begins Friday, February 25th and ends at Sunday, February 27, 2010. Specific times to be announced soon. 
Where is ACOT's Online Crop?
It's right here in a special Crop Forum on our Message Board created just for this event. All activities, schedules, classes and events will be taking place in this Forum. Sign Up.
How do I sign up for ACOT's Crop?
That's easy! Simply post to this Message Board thread stating that you'll be participating in our crop.

How can I participate in ACOT's Online Crop?
Simply show up in our February Crop Forum (coming soon) during our crop and join the many other croppers at one of our events. You may come and go throughout the weekend, participating in one or more crop events of our choosing. We suggest you review our crop schedule before our crop starts so that you won't miss a thing! Our schedule of events will be posted prior to the crop in our Crop Forum.

What types of events will be going on at the ACOT Online Crop?
Challenges. Bingo. Contest. Sales. Classes. Chats. Games. Prizes. Special Give-Aways. Fun.

What should I do to get ready for the Crop?
Read what these tried and true ACOT croppers have to say about our online crops, they have some real life experiences.

What if I sign up but can't actually make it to the Crop?
That's ok. We understand. Be sure to check in after the Crop to browse the Gallery; hundreds of new layouts will be posted there. Also, be sure to check out our Resources section to view all the new Class Instruction articles.

Why should I join ACOT's Online Crop?
Because you will have so much fun, meet other croppers, perhaps win a few prizes, get motivated and inspired to get some scrapping done!! Just ask the hundreds of croppers who have attended our Online crops in the past.

How can I be notified of updates to the Online Crop as well as other interesting happenings and events at ACOT?
Susbcribe to our FREE weekly Newsletter for weekly information in your email box from ACOT.
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