Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With ACOT & Best Creation

Posted by JulesinParadise (Jules)

I had been wanting to scrap the pictures I took from two years ago when we traveled to Savannah, Gerogia for the city's favorite holiday, St. Pat's.  We traveled with our good friends, Steve and Dee, and spent four wonderful days in this charming city.  

The problem with scrapping the photos, particularly the ones  I took during the parade and our adventures afterwards was that I could not find the papers that would help me express what a fun day it was and how we totally submerged ourselves in "the wearing of the green" Savannah celebrates to the hilt.  Even it's fountains in the historic squares flow green.  This square was right across the street from our B and B. 
The parade lasted for hours and people gather, staking out their spot at the crack of dawn and then bbq and spend the day.  When we lived in St. Louis, there were two parades and one involved beads.  There were no beads thrown in Savannah but there was something I had only heard about, "the kissing bandits".  Women of all ages, layer on coats and coats of bright red lipstick and, as the parade goes on, they ambush the male participants in the parade and kiss them all over their faces.  It is a fun parade!

Our next stop (or rather stops) on St. Pat's were the numerous Irish bars that line one of the side streets.  We ate at some and we had green beer in a couple of others.  In front of one of the pubs, we met our new friend here who bestowed an Irish blessing on us. 
This trip, which took place two years ago, was such a wonderful one and so very memorable.  This past year, we stayed a bit closer to home and did our celebrating in one of our favorite towns, Dunedin, Florida.  The celebration was sponsored by the city and Flannigan's Irish Pub, a favorite haunt of ours.  I wore my Mike's Bar shirt from Dog Town (home of the Irish celebration in St. Louis) and we made some new friends who were also from our old home town...small world, what?
We'll probably be celebrating once again in Dunedin.  Hoping where ever you celebrate this holiday that you have a scrappable one!
Jules is a retired English teacher originally from St. Louis, MO.  Besides paper crafting, she enjoys traveling, kayaking and teaching scrapbooking classes locally and nationally. 
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