Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Scrapbooking Challenges & Contests for July!

- only one LO per challenge will enter you into the points drawing
- LOs cannot be entered into more than one challenge category
- *please* only enter LOs that meet the specific challenge instructions

Ad Inspiration Challenge - By MamaK321 (Kristianne)
Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

Ad inspiration is about taking ideas, such as colors, patterns, title or keywords, theme, font styles, and element placement, and using them to create your own layout. You can break the ad inspiration down to a basic sketch, copy a prominent design straight from the ad, or you can alter a design to fit your own layout. Most ads are 8.5x11" but you can adapt the ad to fit any size. Remember, this is not a sketch and you are not required to follow every detail. You can use either one or both pages of this ad to inspire your layout. The key is to really LOOK at the ad and find the pieces that INSPIRE you!

Color Challenge - by Art_Teacher (Laura)
Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

July always makes me think of the colors red, white, and blue, of course. However, red and blue look fantastic with other neutrals besides white. Try red and black, or blue and tan, or the combos I used in my example layouts: red and brown and blue and brown. For this challenge, I want you to pair either red or blue with a neutral besides white (grey, black, brown, tan, cream, etc.). You may use other colors as accents, but at least 75% of your layout should be your red or blue + neutral combo.

Die Cut Challenge - By Dianedi (Diane)
Paper  Scrapbooking

Using your die-cutting tools, create a layout that contains all of the colors: red, white and blue! Your layout does not have to be a patriotic theme!

Please indicate which die-cutting tools such as a Cricut, Silhouette, Sizzix or other you've used. At least 50% of your layout must be created using your die-cutting tools! Have fun!

Digi Do-Able Challenge - By Smiley-Scrap8 (Ronny)
Digital Scrapbooking
Welcome to another edition of Digi Do-Ables!

Check out the template based on a layout by ncokely/Nancy in the Digi Shoppe and use that template to create your own layout. Flip it, change it, or just use it as it is, it's up to you!

Here is the template:

Example Layout:

Faithbooking Challenge - By Keling (Sara)
Paper or Digital Scrapbooking


Journaling Challenge - By Jenn Kellams (Jenn)
Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

For the month of July, I would like for you to challenge yourself with thoughts of "2nd Chances". Journal about something you would like a 2nd chance at. It can whimsical, serious, life altering, playful. The sky is the limit! I chose to journal about something fun and wrote about a "2nd chance to Europe!"


Need more inspiration?  There are over 20 DIFFERENT July Scrapbooking Challenges posted by our Creative Team!  We'll do what we can to make sure those lazy days of summer aren't so lazy after all!  Be sure to post your submission to the appropriate Challenge/Contest section of our Gallery before the July 31st deadline!  We can't wait to see what you create!

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