Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celebrating Fathers!

You might see an increase in the amount of ads for barbecue grills, ties and khaki shorts around this time of year, but in general, Father's Day is not the globally celebrated and proclaimed holiday Mother's Day seems to be.

The Scrapbooking industry has a majority female following.  We are the photographers; the 'Journalers'; the nurturers; the history keepers.  We seem to be a little more emotionally charged.  Maybe that's why Mother's Day gets so much attention.  Women probably just care about it more.

What I Love About You
'What I Love About You' by Dianedi

However, lets not forget the importance of the Father!  After all, it takes two to tango and we wouldn't be here without them!  Don't forget the 'dad' in your life this Father's Day!  Celebrate with tickets to the game, socks with horrific patterns and lots and lots of meat thrown over fire! 

Most importantly, let them know how much we need them!  Happy Father's Day - Dads!

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