Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Paper Crafting & Scrapbooking Challenges!

Posted by ScrapGoo(Jess):

Happy August!  We're winding down, folks.  The last month of summer is here!  Are you all vacationed out yet?  

Have you taken a bazillion pictures of all the fun and festivities? Are you now asking yourself what the heck you're going to do with said photos?!  

Have no fear... the ACOT Creative Team is here with another fabulous set of challenges to inspire you.

- only one LO per challenge will enter you into the points drawing
LOs cannot be entered into more than one challenge category
- *please* only enter LOs that meet the specific challenge instructions 

Countdown Challenge - By sarahwhithers (Jennifer)
Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

For this challenge you will create a layout using a countdown method of items. I will list five different kinds of things (eg. elements, papers, photos) for you to use in your layout. Every month there will be five new items for you to use. And for this month, the summer is winding down, school is on the horizon, so what better month to relax in than August!

5 - Flowers
4 - Ribbons/Strings
3 - Strips of paper (any size)
2 - Alphas or fonts
1 - Picture of a relaxing thing or activity

You are welcome to use more than these items (eg. 2 pictures instead of 3 is fine) just as long as you meet the required list and numbers asked for each. An example is seen below.


Fashion Findings Challenge - By happayscrappay (Rachel)
Paper or Digi

From head to toe, the fashion world is gaga for feathers! I have pink feathers in my hair. For the August Fashion Findings Challenge, you need to create a page or a project that has feathers on it. The feathers can be real feathers, pictures of feathers, drawings of feathers, or feathers you made out of paper! Color isn't important either; your feathers can be black, white, red, hot pink, striped...there is no limit. Hope you have a fun time being fashion conscious with this challenge!
Rachel's example:

Heritage Challenge - By JanetM (Janet)
Paper AND Digital Scrapbooking

Dapper times and dapper days: It always seemed like everyone was dressed up years ago. I want this month's challenge to showcase some fun fashions from the years gone by.

Grab more scrapbooking inspiration by viewing this month's complete Challenge List for June!  After creating your project, be sure to submit it to the corresponding Challenge section of our Gallery.  
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