Saturday, March 24, 2012

How To Create Rosettes and Flowers With The Scor - Pal

Learn how to make borders and flowers with this quick and easy how-to with Tami!

What you'll need: your fave paper collection, heat gun and the Scor-Pal

Directions:  Each rosette is created by scoring a strip of paper or card stock at equal distances then simply accordion fold, connect the ends, press down in the center and secure. The height of the rosette is controlled by the distance of the scores. 1/4" scores will make a rosette 1/4" tall, 1/2" scores will create a rosette that is 1/2" tall etc. The diameter of the rosette is controlled by the width of the paper strip. The wider the paper the larger the rosette.
I have found that the rosettes are best held together with hot glue. To do this simply hold down the center, fill with glue and let cool. (A non-stick surface works best)
Then it is simply a matter of create, layer and decorate!

Add the finished rosette or flower to your project:

scor pal

scor pal

Spring has sprung and we'd love to see your rosettes!  Post your project ideas to our Gallery!
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