Friday, January 14, 2011

Working With Whitespace

Submitted by the Creative Team - 

Incorporating Whitespace into your digital or traditional scrapbooking layout:

So you ever wondered what that term" WHITE SPACE" means when people talk about it in the digi world? Well this is what the real definition is:


Whitespace is the empty spaces in a design. Whitespace is used to separate disparate design elements and group similar ones. Whitespace is the lack of graphics or text in the layout.

Whitespace is not always "white" - it is the empty parts of the page, but if the page has a different background color that will be the color of the whitespace.

So the digi CT this week would like to show you our interpretation of White Space Layouts

Janell says "White space layouts don't just have to be one picture and lot of space...I wanted to show that they can be done with multiple pictures, 6 in this one! Just remember to keep the pictures small and there will be plenty of (white) space left!"


Ronny says "Another challenge with "white space" pages is how to include more than one photo. My solution is to a make a grid, for this page I could have included 9 photos in a clean, neat design. Instead I used 6 photos and added the title and journaling inside the grid. With a few embellishments, my page is complete and I was able to tell the story. "

Ronny also says: "My biggest challenge with white space layouts is where to put the title and journaling. I always want to include them but usually either forget to leave room or forget to plan them into my design. For this page I solved this problem by wrapping my title and journaling around the photos and elements."

Ronny says:" White space can be done hybrid too. I decided to go opposite of the center grid design in this layout. Instead I spread my photos and colored paper around the outer edge. This gives the layout the funky effect that works so well with these photos of my dd."

Brittney says:"This week the Digi CT is focusing on white space. I love playing with white space and couldn't resist another classic christmas layout. Keeping most of it clustered left plenty of white space... I started with dividing my layout into forth and keeping my design in one fourth of the page mostly."

Cass says: "I love this pic of DH on vacation, and thought it would be good paired with a lot of white space to "drift" into. In this case, the white space helps lend a calm feeling to the layout."


Jennifer did a fabulous job with her LO by placing everything in the upper left corner and leaving everything else "space" -

Angie says: "normally I like to add lots and lots of "stuff" but sometimes it is so nice to have a simple LO by adding a great picture and just the right amount of elements!" {you can see this in her 3 examples below!}


Janell used two opposing kits {one with boy colors and one with girl colors} to creative these fabulous LO's~

Janell says " I like to mix up my white space layouts. Sometimes they are with clean lines and simple designs, other times I love to cluster near the pictures and then add some elements in a corner to draw your eye around the layout. "


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