Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How To Make Artist Trading Cards - ATC's with Art-C

Submitted by JulesInParadise:

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), which have grown immensely in popularity since the credited date of 1969, are a fun way to play with paints, inks, stamps, papers, embellishments, pen and ink, markers and even cloth.  These small works of art give the artist open ended opportunities to experiment and create.

The only "rule" is that each must be 2.5 x 3.5 or about the size of a baseball trading card.  As a matter of fact, artists who swap their creations with others and also those who create these only for themselves often use a baseball trading card album in which to display the ATCs. .  Other than this one "rule", the sky is the limit.

Until recently, those who create ATCs have had to cut their own mats and search for tiny elements to incorporate into each piece.  Art-C has brought new and exciting products to the artists who make, keep or swap ATCs.

Art-C has three different mats for use:  canvas, kraft and white.  These come in tiny, easily stored pads and the mats tear off evenly.  This ATC was created with the canvas mat.  I painted Glimmer Mist onto the canvas and blotted it with a patterned paper towel to add texture and interest.  I had found a darling garter and created a "hose" out of black lace.    I added the pretty butterfly to increase the feminine look of the ATC .

This next ATC was created using the kraft mat.  I stamped a back ground and added the lady inside the bottle.  Art-C also has color coordinated beads, floss, ribbons and fibers and I added the beads to the top of the bottle for additional depth.

Art-C also has coordinated paper collections and flowers that are the perfect backgrounds and embellishments for the ATCs as can be seen in this example.

This ATC is stamped on the kraft mat and the stamped pens were stamped on.another mat, cut out and overlaid on the numbers.

I recently joined an ATC swap group.  Each month, in rotation, a member chooses a theme and we each create cards to exchange.  This month's theme is TIME.  Swap groups vary on how they are run.  Some ask that the members create all the same cards and other groups only ask that cards be created to fit the theme so all can be different.  When the same card is to be created numerous times, the artist numbers the cards on the back in the order they are created.  For example, the card pictures here is 3/6.  In other words, this was the 3rd. card I created exactly alike with three more to go.  In almost all swaps I have knowledge of, it is customary to sign one's name on the back along with the date and series numbers if all are identical.  I use a specimen stamp and fill in the information on the lines provided.  I love the way Art-C has supplied a whole tiny pad of borders such as this one and images that are perfectly proportioned for the cards.
Because there are few restrictions on the designs of ATCs, I had a lot of fun with this next collage.

ATCs can also be used as an embellishment on a layout or provide an interesting cover on a card.  I find creating ATCs inspires me to try different techniques and designs.  Hope that you will give an ATC a shot as I'd love to see your "miniature works of art".

Jules is a retired English teacher who resides in Florida with the love of her life, Gene, and two furry friends.  She enjoys traveling with her friends and family, kayaking, biking and scrapbooking.
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