Thursday, February 25, 2010

She's Retiring!

If you've placed an or order within the past eight or so years, chances are high it was packaged with care by Marilyn! 

Marilyn - ACOT 

We had a retirement party for Marilyn today.  We sat around reminiscing about the changes at ACOT during her time here.  And there have been plenty!  She was with us when we picked and shipped one order at a time.  She was here through both of our warehouse moves.  She was here before we even actually had a real warehouse!

Heidi, Marilyn & Kristin

Marilyn has been lovely through it all.  Her attentiveness to detail and her ability to do everything quickly always amazed us!  Whenever a new employee joined our ACOT family, she always took the time to give them extra attention.  She understood the importance of every shipment making it clear how much she truly cared about the 

The ACOT crew had a blast 'decorating' her work station.  It was great to see her smile when she saw it!  


She's one of a kind.  Help us wish Marilyn a happy retirement and let her know she can still visit us anytime!

Happy Retirement, Marilyn!  

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