Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're Stuffed!

Every year we try to prepare for the influx of products that begin to arrive after the CHA - Winter conference.

- Morning delivery -

'Try' being the operative word.  Kristin and I attempt to control ordering products in consideration of our warehouse space.  Our warehouse is large, but when you have over 28,000 unique products (some ordered by the hundreds), it's difficult to budget for the needed space!

But this time our customers were loud and clear about what they wanted.  We just had to get it all!  OK, most of it anyway!

One of the many rows of stuffed paper racks

Poor Becky and Michelle have been hard at work entering products into our data base and finding places to put them!  It's sort of like watching a giant 28,000+ piece puzzle get arranged and rearranged! 

Racks and bins filled with embellishments

We're working to keep you informed about all of the new products that are coming in on a daily basis!  If you're not already subscribed to our newsletter, make sure you do!  Some of the New Arrivals are limited releases and only available while supplies last.

Once they're gone - they're gone!  We'll need the warehouse space for other products!

Happy Shopping!

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