Friday, June 1, 2012

Help Us Get To 10,000 Likes

We're almost there! 10,000 Facebook Fans

Help us reach our goal; you may be a winner of a $100 Gift Certificate

We're awarding TEN lucky winners $100 Gift Certificates to shop at 

Want one of those winners to be you?

As soon as we reach 10,000 fans, we'll start announcing winners. Tell your friends about us using any social media. We'll be scouring the web for anyone mentioning "I like". How?  Shhh!  We have our ways! ;)

We want to catch you talking about A Cherry On Top.  The more you yell it from your internet roof-tops, the better chance you have at winning! 

10000 facebook likes

Not sure how to spread the word?  Try one of these suggestions:
  • Tweet about us:  #ACherryOnTop is awesome!
  • Talk about us on Facebook: I like because they have a ton of scrapbooking stuff!
  • Share ACOT on your favorite public Message Board or Blog:  I like because they shipped my order fast!
  • YouTube:  Give us a shout-out on a product video haul!  Be sure to list  I like  in the title -
Want to make sure we 'see' what you're saying?  Come back to our facebook page and post it on our wall! 

Sorry - if you email or call your friend to tell 'em about us...we wont know (but we'll definitely appreciate it!)

Start spreadin' the A Cherry On Top love!
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