Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Create A Template From An 'Old' Layout

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Sometimes when you are stuck for inspiration, you only need look as far as your own scrapbook albums!  For this reveal, the Digi CT team of Laura, Egle, and Cassandra each chose an old layout and created a template to use for a new layout.  We each scrapped a layout using our own template and the other gals' templates, as well. 

Enjoy our new takes on our old layouts and also the freebie templates, which we are sharing with you! You can download them here!

Cassandra's template:

Cassandra used her old layout, "Sous Chef" to inspire this template.

Cassandra's new layout, called "Like Father, Like Son" uses the same subjects in a new way!

Cassandra explains, "I didn't significantly alter the template, but because of the subject matter and the choice of colors and materials, it looks completely different from the original page. And if you have a page design you like, why not use it again?"
Below is Egle's layout inspired by Cassandra's template, "Jamocha Shake."

Recipe:  Jamocha Shake

Doesn't this look delicious?
Laura's design using Cassandra's template, "Sweet Girl, " showcases her favorite scrappy subject, Paisley!

Laura tells us why she likes Cassandra's template saying, "I love the clean lines and the large photos! She also left space to add embellishments to personalize the layout. This is a feature I look for in a template!"
Digi Guest Sus's layout, "Shoot" uses Cassandra's template to its best advantage.

Finally, Jennifer also uses Cassandra's template in her layout, "Catching Air."

We hope these layouts have inspired you to take a look at your old layouts.  A great design can always be used more than once!

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