Thursday, February 10, 2011

The ACOT Crew's Limo Lunch!

Brandon, Michelle, Cathy, Candice, Deb & Clint

Clint has to be one of the luckiest guys I know!  He won a limo lunch for the ACOT office staff through a local radio station promotion.  I was listening in to his phone conversation as the station rep gave Clint the details.  He couldn't believe it.  

Clint & Ray (the limo driver)

It was a nice way to break up a cold winter day of scrapbooking business!  The crew was treated to a couple of hours of pampering and good food.  It was great of Clint to share his prize with all of us!  
  Deb, Candice, Michelle & Brandon

The crew came back stuffed!  Pretty sure I caught a couple of them napping in various corners of the warehouse!  Ok - maybe not. :)  The staff enjoyed their time together.  Thanks again to Clint, WIOG and Harvey's!
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