Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School Ideas With Sizzix!

If you have school-aged kids and you're anything like me, you have a collection of snapshots of bright, bushy tailed children holding notebooks or wearing back packs while standing on front porches or running toward a school bus. 

Every pic presents an age progression.  Every picture is the first day of some past school year.  The first day of the rest of their little lives - or something important like that.  However, before the world of the digital camera it might have taken me years to develop a roll of film!  Can you even buy film anymore? 

At any rate, by the time I got around to printing my pictures, I would have absolutely no idea which school year was represented or the exact date.  Yep - I'd usually just guess.

JanetM from our Creative Team gives us a great tip that can be altered to fit your particular needs using Sizzix Dies!  Make personalized signs for those lil munchkins to hold stating the year and/or date!

Back To School 

Pure genius!  Thanks Janet!  No more guessing for me!  Now, to get those pics on a layout and into an steps. :)

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