Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Online Crop Amazement...

Or maybe it's jealousy. I'm sitting here sipping on a lovely coffee while listening to something slow and mellow. The kids are out and about at various activities and I'm here. Trying to figure out where I'll find the motivation to get off of the couch and do something productive. So far...not so good. LOL!

I decide to check out what's going on at the Online Crop. It's like 9am on a Saturday morning. There shouldn't be anything happening right?

Wow! Was I absolutely wrong! The ladies there are amazing and talented and AWAKE! How in the world do you do it? I have always been amazed at how creatives can see paper and embellishments and shiny things and create something like this in a matter of minutes...

by 1luckymama for Fast Scrap #4

Our Message Board members are inspirational! You guys make me proud! :) Keep up the fantastic work. Who knows, maybe you will encourage this non-creative to try something new!

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ScrapGoo said...

100 points to the person who gets Heidi to scrap today! ;-)