Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did I Blink and Miss Thanksgiving?

Or Christmas for that matter? I was looking at some of the new stuff Becky has been receiving into the warehouse lately. Guess what the themes are?

Hmm...??? Give up?

Here's a hint:

Yep. That's right. Valentine's Day and EASTER!!! I mean I love "love" and Springtime as much as the next guy, but wow! My kids are still eating their Halloween candy for goodness sake!

I miss the days of old when holidays were acknowledged and celebrated in chronological order. You remember, right? Glimpses of Halloween were seen in late September/early October. Christmas decorations were put up the day after Thanksgiving instead of appearing on store shelves in August...and Valentine's Day came AFTER New Years!

I'm confused enough when it comes to the every day things I have to get done. I don't need any more help! Believe me. If this keeps up, I just might "forget" to go to the grocery store for all of the Thanksgiving fixins next week and skip right to St. Patrick's Day. Muah! Kiss me I'm Irish! (If I remember right, there's no cooking on St. Paddy's Day, is there? ;)

However...the papers are rather gorgeous along with the coordinating products.

The colors are lovely and bright and sort of a refreshing change from the autumn and winter colors...........

I think they're sucking me in. LOL!

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