Friday, October 31, 2008

The Team

Yes. I completely realize this is last year's Christmas pic, but do you have any idea how difficult it is to get everyone to hold still long enough to take a pic around here?

Maybe I'll get lucky and get a new one this year, but don't hold your breath. For a company focused on perserving priceless memories, we're all a bit camera shy. I'll work on that.

From left to right:

Kristin (THE BOSS), me, Becky (the product genius), Brandon (the guru), Cathy (color coordinator extraordinaire), Marilyn (the super-packer), Mary (the perfect-packer) and Michelle (our wonderful warehouse coordinator)

I have to admit, we have a pretty terrific team here! I'm proud to call them all my co-workers. Together we work as a well oiled machine to get orders out as quickly and perfectly as possible. Without the team, there would be no ACOT! To learn a bit more about us, visit our ABOUT US page. Hmm...isn't that convenient?

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SLUSH said...

HI GUYS!!!! LOVE me some ACOT!!!!