Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Bloggin' We Will Go....

So, I'm talking with Kristin (aka: THE BOSS) about my personal blog and other various time wasters...I mean investments...I tend to enjoy and somehow get volunteered to begin an blog! For those unfamiliar with A Cherry On Top (also fondly referred to as ACOT), be sure to check us out! If your priorities include family, scrapbooking and chatting on message boards all day with people you've never met then ACOT is the place to be!

Now, I don't plan on using this blog to divulge my deepest darkest secrets. I have another blog for that! LOL! However, I do plan on sharing some of the behind the scene stories of ACOT (and possibly divulging some of my co-workers deep, dark secrets on slow topic days)! HAHAHA! Don't you just love power??? I'll also spotlight some of the happenings of ACOT, maybe share some of your layouts and who knows...I might occasionally offer a special promo or two for subscribers!

Looking forward to shining a spotlight on the world of ACOT and getting to know more about you!

Comments are always welcome!