Friday, November 30, 2012

How To Make Gift Boxes Using The Scor Pal

Posted by T_Mayberry

Today I will be showing you how to easily make a gift box that can be used for giving special holiday treats and goodies.

Using the Scor-Pal scoring board you can easily make a box like this with your favorite patterned paper or card stock.  Easily change the patterned papers used to fit any holiday or occasion. 

Determining the size to cut your box's paper depends on how big you want the box.

You simply add the height of the sides with the base width to get the size to cut the paper. 

I wanted a 3" box with sides that were 2" high. Using the formula above that would be 2" + 3" +2" for a total of 7".  So, I cut a 7" square of patterned paper

I then scored 2" from the left and 2" from the right (6" mark).

Rotate 90 degrees and repeat.

Next snip the left and right vertical score lines from the outer edge to the horizontal scores.

Add adhesive to the outside edge flaps

Fold inwards and adhere to create the base of the box. 

You're now well on your way to creating your own personalized gift box.  Click HERE for instructions on completing the box lid and for a 'recipe' list of products you'll need.  

Adapt the dimensions to fit the gift.  Using various patterned papers will instantly add pizzazz and thoughtfulness to any present!

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