Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tutorials? Yeah. We Have Those.

Kristin and I were sitting around talking about the wonder that is ACOT and how it's grown by leaps and bounds over the past twelve years. Once upon a time all we consisted of was an inventory of stickers that fit into one single shoebox.

My, how times have changed. ACOT now has over 28,000 different product sku's in inventory, a thriving community with our Message Board and Gallery and more site features than ever! Our Creative Team gives inspiration, creativity and a real sense of family to our site. I don't know if we could ask for much more.

During this chat with Kristin, I thought there are a lot of features we offer on our site from better ways to search for what you want to our library of resources that could help you find a new technique to try. Many of our customers may not even know these features exist. Here and there I will spotlight one on Cherry Bits!

Today's Cherry Bits Feature: Tutorials

ACOT offers traditional and digi tutorials, paper crafting, hybird, stamping and photography tutorials! We really do want to be your source for inspiration. If there is ever a technique or a particular product you'd like to know more about, be sure to check out our Tutorial library. If a topic hasn't been covered, consider dropping a hint on the Message Board.

Smiley-Scrap8 does a beautiful job in her 'Getting Creative with Core'dinations Cardstock' article.

You have to see what she does to go from this:

To this by just using a border punch and Core'dinations Cardstock:

You can find tips for always getting The Perfect Shot or themed project ideas like Halloween Banners or how to make a Mini Purse Album. Take some time to check out the Resource library and let us know what you think!

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