Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get To Know This Month's Guest CT Member!

ACOT Member JulesInParadise!

"Jules" is a retired school teacher with an infectious smile who now resides on Florida's Gulf Coast. I had the privilege of meeting Jules at one of the CHA shows and she was just a ton of fun and full of inspiration! Here is a little snippet from her Guest CT interview:

Favorite Movie: Fried Green Tomatoes, In Harms Way (a John Wayne oldie), and White Christmas
Three favorite candy bars: I don't have a sweet tooth but don't get between me and a bag of potato chips!
Three musical artists: Andrea Bocelli, Seal and Jimmy Buffett (I have eclectic tastes...lol)
Favorite Store (nsr): Home Goods or TJ Maxx
Favorite Magazine (nsr): Coastal Living or Victoria Bliss
Two favorite colors: yellow and sea foam green
Favorite thing to do with the family: bbq and hang out at the house at the pool

"Kaela's Crush" by JulesInParadise using Bisous products!

Be sure to check out Jules' gallery and her complete interview!

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